IPlax Patent Plaques

Patent Plaques - Landscape Series

Landscape patent plaques are horizontal, two-panel plaques with the panels separated by the Patent Office seal and "The United States of America". The left panel includes the number and date of the patent, your choice of inventors, the assignee (optional), the Certificate, and the signature of the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The right panel includes the title of the invention, a drawing figure, and the abstract.

You have a choice of the traditional or color Patent Office seal. The image is reproduced in exacting detail on a gold or silver metal plate. Another drawing figure can be substituted for the drawing on the front page of the issued patent. Your company logo can be added below the Patent Office seal at no additional charge.

Landscape Series patent plaques are available in the following five mounting options:

Plaque Base


Wood Frame


Metal Frame