IPlax Patent Plaques

Perpetual Plaques for Multiple Patents

perpetual plaques

Display your patent portfolio economically and in limited space. For example, eight 9-plate perpetual plaques (72 patents) will fit on a 4X6 foot wall space.

Build your patent wall-of-fame in stages. Depending on the size of your current portfolio, you can start with just a single multi-plate plaque, with or without a header plate, and add additional plaque modules as the portfolio grows.

Front pages of the patents are reproduced in detail on the image plates. If you want a different figure from the one on the patent as issued, we can substitute the figure of your choice or a drawing that you provide.

The 4.5X6.5 image plates are mounted on a high gloss acrylic back plate surrounded by a metal frame color coordinated to the image plates. Image plates/frames are available in silver or gold. Standard colors for the high gloss acrylic plates are black, blue, green and red. Plaques are mounted with wall cleats that require only attachment of a wall cleat section with two screws.

You can order all or just part the image plates when you order the plaque. The first plate is included in the price of the plaque. We attach all of the plates that are ordered with the plaque and cover any empty spaces with removable blank plates. When you later order plates for any unused spaces, just pop of the temporary plate, remove the cover paper from the adhesive on the back of the new plate and position with the included mounting jig. Plates ordered at the same time as the plaque are only $36 each instead of $40 if ordered at a later date.

These perpetual plaques are highly customizable to meet your requirements. Another of our plaque designs can be used instead of the front page image; a plaque with a different plate number or layout can be created; and a different acrylic plate color can be used to meet you decorating needs. Just email or call and we will begin the process. Any plaque can be made with your choice of plate/frame and acrylic plate colors.

To begin you perpetual plaque wall-of-fame, select one of the following plaques:


Small Header

4 Plate

Large Header


6 Plate w/ Header

6 Plate

9 Plate